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Multi-Use Polycarbonate Tools. Use In The Home,  On The Job Or On Your Car. Camper Or Boat.

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Multi Use Polycarbonate Tools TWO units per pack

Use one tool  to scrape hardened food, gum, silicone adhesive, grout, caulks, and dry wall mud from any kind of floor or counter tops without scratching!

Use one tool to scrape hardened food in sinks, microwaves, stoves, pizza pans, casserole dishes, rice pans, and cooking tops without scratching!

Use one tool to remove waffles that have stuck to the waffle iron hot or cold, without scratching the Teflon.

Cover one tool with a cotton cloth or towel to clean around kitchen and bath sink edges. Also use to clean between the baseboard and the floor or the seams in the upholstery in the car or leather furniture. If the cloth wears through and the tool is exposed there will be no scratching on any surface.

Use one tool with a heat gun to remove pin striping cleanly from cars or boats without using any pastes or buffers. Heat the stripe and use the tool to push it off.

Use the squeegee at the gas station to clean the car window. Use one of the polycarbonate tools to scrape the remaining bugs off the window. The oval shape allows you to scrape in any direction without marking the windows.

Use one tool to clean the hardened food in the dog dish no matter what shape or how dirty the bowl is.


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