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We have sold over 100,000 of this model Insect Zappers in the last 4 years.

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Our Original Zapper is the larger unit on the right side of the picture Don't be fooled by other websites showing a look alike picture but sending out the small unit that makes it harder to hit the flying insects.

Ours has the welded criss cross guards on each side of the center electrode screen.

The welded bars prevent the bars from spreading when touched by accident with the finger.

The smaller zapper is the competitors 1200 volt model with protective bars that are NOT Welded and spread apart when touched. Ours has 1500 volts and takes Two D size batteries for long lasting power.

The screen holes are large enough to let an entire insect in or just a leg, head, or abdomen of a large insect. As soon as they touch the center electrode they are instantly zapped. The square openings are small enough to keep your fingers safe unless you purposely squeeze the three screens together or pick it up by the head.

This unit has three large capacitors, and rapid charge circuitry so it quickly recharges to get the next insect.

If you have a Spider, Fly, or other Insect on the wall or window, use our Insect Zapper to cleanly kill the insect.  SLOWLY approach the insect until the head of the Racket is about 1 foot away from the wall or window, then with a quick stroke, hit it as if you were using a Fly Swatter and  it will be zapped dead.  The head is large enough so that it is easy to hit the insects.

After zapping the insects nothing will be left on the wall to clean up. Small insects vaporize, medium to large insects will be attached to the  stainless steel head. Just Tap the head against the edge of the trash can, toilet or sink or go outside and tap the Racket against the ground or anything solid to discard the zapped insect. Now the screen is spotless again.

Our Insect Zapper is Larger than Competitor's Zappers. It weighs a little less than one pound with the two "D" batteries installed. Our Insect Zapper is 21 1/2 inches long and 8 1/2 inches wide. The Larger Head means more insects struck and killed with each swing of the Racket and it is easier to hit the insect that is annoying you.

For Mosquitoes at night in the dark, slowly move it around and up and down your body and you will hear the Zap as it hits the insects even though you can't see them.

The large head works great to kill all the mosquitoes in quantity, with rapid swings in each direction, with both sides of the head, leaving no mess on the screens. The screens always stay clean because the mosquitoes vaporize leaving no residue.

The ZAP-1 model Kills House Flies, Horse Flies, Deer Flies, Mosquitoes, Yellow Jackets, Hornets,  Moths, Carpenter Bees, Spiders, Centipedes, Black Bees, Spiders.

If a Horse or Deer Fly is bombarding your head, just put the Zapper horizontally above your head for a few seconds.  The Fly will still try to get to your hair but he will instantly get zapped and killed when he hits the screen on the Racket.

If it is Yellow Jackets or other types of non-honey making bees or hornets, that is buzzing by your body or face, just put the racket between you and the insect and swing outward.

If the bee is hovering above your food, just put the racket right above the food and lift up to strike the bee.

(If your are trying to Kill Fruit Flies or Gnats, No-See Umms. You will need the TIZ-3 Model with the 2400 Volts so the spark will jump across  those Tiny Irritating Insects.)

Click Here to See Our more expensive patented model.

Two D size Batteries is all that is needed to power this unit.  Cheap Carbon or Rechargeable batteries will give about a month's worth of zapping power. Alkaline batteries give the strongest power and last through the entire Bug Season.

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