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I like his straight forward guarantee.



Allowed easy exchange of colors. Will be shipped out in the morning shipment, wedding soon.
I was very satisfied with my shopping experience. Would definitely do business again.
Had what I was looking for and other interesting stuff
Mars had product that I was looking for. I found one particular product in a style I was looking for as oposed to a similar style elsewhere that was not quite right but close enough to consider purchasing. However Mars had exactly what I required.There was no option for shipping.I will be interested to see how quickly this order arrives to the other side of the world.

Excellent selection, I came looking for what I thought I wanted and found something better!

Easy to find on internet Great selection and ease of ordering

Products are exactly as I expected. Very fast delivery. Will definitely buy from them again. Thank you!
I really love the selection of suspenders that was on this site. I really hope that they come true to color and size. I can't wait to tell everyone about this site.
Very pleased with quality of suspenders and hardware. I had to return first order because it was the wrong size. So the purchase could be refunded to my account. Using the same package it came in and paid around 5 dallors to return it, so it should be delivered by now. Will I be notified by email when it is refunded? Thank you for your service.
I was phoned by a Mars salesman after hours on a Saterday to confirm my acceptance of a product I had ordered. The product was available with parts of only one color and he wanted to be sure that was okay with me. I was impressed with this kind of personal service.








  • Just a note to express how pleased I am with the suspenders I bought from you! You provided excellent customer service prior to my purchase, advising me to get the side grip 1 1/2 inch wide suspenders, and the product itself does everything I wanted it to - strong clips - comfortable - and in a beautiful color and design. As a lady, I fine these very convenient. Thank you! I am very pleased.








    thank you! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your suspenders!!!! I wear ties everyday and now I think I have just about every color suspenders for every color tie! people are always commenting on how well I match. Thank you again and many more years of business together.
    sincerely,  Rochester,MN


    We just spoke about this order (sorry I don’t have the order #) and payment has been made but, when the payment was processed, PayPal inserted my home address as the shipping address. This address is ok with me. The original order was sent to my work address, but knowing the package will be small, it will fit my mail box at home. So, you may ship to either address, which ever you choose. Thanks so much for your help, and I look forward to the new order with confidence the new garters will fit my purpose.


    I am very satisfied with your service and I will be using your company in the future. May God bless your business.

    Dear Jim,
    I really enjoy your answer, I will let you know when I receive the "Y" style.
    Many thanks for your professional attitude.
    Kind Regards,
    This review is from: Extra Large 2400 Volts Hand Held All Seasons Bug ZapperI had recently purchased a cheap bug zapper and can I just say I got what I paid for, it was not very good. I researched and found the Bug Zapper 2400 after reading reviews about it I decided to buy one. It was so good (and fun) that I purchased 2 more one for each of my children. They too love it. It really does the job well. The light feature for at night for pesky fruit flies is great. I would definitely recommend this to others. Thank you for a great product.
    This review is from: Extra Large 2400 Volts Hand Held All Seasons Bug ZapperThis may be the best purchase I have ever made... seriously. I love it when flies come into my house now... game on. This thing is the size of a small tennis racket, and when you swing at the unsuspecting targets, the "pop" lets you know your target is dead, and you are a winner.

    Another bonus is that this scares the crap out of my cats, which is awesome. It's good to remind them not to mess with me when I have the zapper. I'd give this thing a bazillion stars if I could.

    This bug zapper is so effective that I have no flies or fruit flies left in our house. I purchased this product predicated on the other reviews listed here. I only write to reinforce the current 5 stars reviews listed. It has become so much fun to zap flies that my kids and I have been walking around the house on "fly patrol" only to find ourselves disappointed that there are none left. I caveat this with the fact that we have consistently been nuanced with flies every summer. This zapper appears to have done the trick all the while finally accepting my morbid sense of therapy...
    Hi!   Just to let you know that I received the jazz musician suspenders yesterday; they arrived safe and sound.  They're awesome, my father will LOVE them!  I also wanted to thank you for not charging an outrageous amount for shipping--it's businesses like yours that I will continue to buy from.  :-)  Thanks again and have a VERY Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 
    We like the suspenders we purchased from you, but wife says we have enough for now.  Your updates are appreciated.
    Thank You, I will forward your web site to them.
    Hey Jim!  I LOVE your product! We are in the middle of our 7 week Alaska trip, and keep your zapper with us at all times!  The best part is being able to kill the creatures that found our way in our RV at night....
    I never like killing things, but zapping these bloodsuckers is strangely satisfying!!!
    Thanks again for a great product!
    I previously ordered suspenders from you
    and am very happy with them.  Another
    item a got was the rivet brass buttons.
    Can not find these now on your website.
    Hope you still carry them.  They are much
    better than any I have found locally.
    Thank you very much but I am in fine fiddle in both suspenders and insects, but I sure will keep you in mind.
    Item received today, am very pleased with it and your shipping so quickly. My grandson is so very happy, he had wanted the thinner ones!
       Thank you

    Thank you Jim.  The gift of suspenders and a belt I ordered from you as a gift for my father arrived in time and he was very happy with them all. Your great service is much appreciated.



    Thank you for your email. I especially appreciate it because of the work that we put into developing the grippiness of the product.
    Thanks for your email.
    To whom it may concern:

    My shipment came very quickly (within 2 days of ordering it).  So far the Stop Slides work great.  I am very pleased at the low cost solution to such an annoying problem.  I have laminate floors and my sofas used to move several inches every time my kids plopped themselves down on them.  And it was very embarrassing when my guests would accidentally push my sofas against my window blinds.  Well, I had company over yesterday and the sofas didn't budge!  Every now and then when my kids do a running leap onto the sofas, they will move about 1/4 of an inch (which is pretty impressive).  I'm very happy with this product and have already told several people about it.

    Thank you
    Thanks so much for all your help! I'm looking forward to receiving my order.
    Hope theses suspenders do what I need them to do.
                                             Thank you again for the fast response.
    Thank you. Great customer service the follow up phone call really impressed me. Nice people to work with .
    Have a great day.
     Jim, Getting your eMail today reminded me that I owe you a note of thanks for inventing Suspendease.   I have enjoyed the and they have stopped my wife from complaining about my pants drooping.   She may complain about other things, but this one happens no more.

    Dear Mars,

    You folks are fast!  This ex-Minnesotan appreciates that good, germano-
    skandihoovian work ethic.

    Good Health & God Bless,


    I received the zapper today.  It's very cool.  I dare the carpenter bees to
    come around now!

    Thanks for the prompt service.


    One of the sergeants bought a different brand of bug zapper and it was great entertainment to be able to launch our own indoor "Spring Offensive". But that zapper used AA batteries and was 1500 watts. So it wasn't too long before all the fun was over. I found this zapper and decided that two D size batteries should last longer. It definitely does! Also, the swatter head is significantly larger than the other swatters.

    At two-thousand, four-hundred insect crushing watts of no-fly-zone power, everyone was pleasantly "shocked" on its inaugural run to see that first flash of light and large popping noise and... no fly! High-fives, hand-bumps and a loud, rousing round of HOO-AH! went around the room. A new benchmark had been set. Afghanistan has a corner on the market for flies. But with this zapper in hand, we are able to clear a large room of flies in a few minutes.

    It's great! After decades of torment from flying insects, to be able to take the fight to them. Mid-air kills--only a pipe dream with a manual swatter--are now a norm. Rather than waiting for them to fly into the room, some of the Soldiers have taken to relieving their stress by going outside and slimming down the population out there... because there are no more inside.

    This product is built more ruggedly than the cheaper ones. The head does flex. But, after hundreds if not a few thousands of kills, the swatter is getting a little long in the tooth. Soldiers are just not that careful. I am writing this review, but as soon as I am done, I will buy a couple more today so that we can continue to control the skies over our hooches and common areas. This device literallly turns the whole fly problem on its head. Spectacular popping, flashing kills are the norm. Those that don't pop end up on the ground twisting around like tops... glorious.

    It's time to establish your own No-Fly-Zone, now. Time to give some pent-up get-back after all these years. Bwah, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!

    FIVE PLUS stars. A highly recommended product.

    Captain M.
    Kandahar, Afghanistan

    Thank you for your prompt response and for your service, it was great!

      ttys Kim
    It was very nice to speak to a knowledgeable and reasonable person (you) yesterday.  Not the usual "customer service" experience!  Attached are the three photos I mentioned (see last paragraph) for your information.  I am grateful for your willingness to send a free replacement plus a second one at a discount if I so choose. (Still thinking about that one).
    OMG!!!!!! My new favorite tool/toy of death, destruction, and delight. I am generally a passive person, stopped watching Animal Planet due to all those horrible animal torture/abuse comercials! Yet I find a definate satisfaction in the POP!! POP!! POP!! you hear for every bug you hit.
    I had a fruit fly problem that I tried everything short of a flame thrower to resolve. Twenty mins after putting in the new batteries, I no longer have a problem, and I had a blast doing it! Even came accross a few mosquitos along the way as well. BONUS ;()
    Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for sending it so fast and it is all it was made out to be. GREAT VALUE.
    I have historically been very happy with the orders I have placed with your company. Your selection is unparalleled by any other company I am aware of, and the quality of your products is excellent. To top it all off, your prices are extremely reasonable. Without hesitation, I refer others to your website when they ask about where I source my suspenders from (I wear suspenders nearly every day, varying the color often).
    However, I was disappointed with two of the items I received on my last order (#5015297). I selected the "Brown Leather Only - Cancel if not available" option on both the 1 1/2" Y style 48" chrome burgundy, and the 1 1/2" Y style 48" chrome navy-grey-navy. Unfortunately, both of these items came with black leather instead.
    Although I would have shrugged it off in the case of the NGN pair, I already have a burgundy/black leather pair and they are in fine shape; I hardly need an identical pair. I was really looking forward to the brown, as I am often compelled to match the leather with my shoes.
    If the suspenders I ordered are truly unavailable, I would have preferred the items be canceled as I specified. Would it be possible to receive a credit or refund for these items? A credit would suffice, as I certainly plan on purchasing suspenders from you in the future.
    I would be happy to send back the erroneous items if you would provide a shipping label, or a credit for the shipping charge.
    This event in no way compromises my loyalty to your company; I am still a tremendous fan and I am grateful for the excellent products you provide.
    I thank you sincerely,
    Jeremy we are opening over 30 cases of brown leather end button on suspenders. I will call you as soon as possible. Sorry about not noticing that it was a Brown Leather or Cancel item. Also thank you for your permission by phone to put your email on our website.
    Jim Mars
    Mars Suspenders