Kids & Teen Suspenders For Boys and Girls
Suspenders in three widths and 23 colors to select from.
Over 110,000 Made in USA Suspenders are in stock and are on Sale.
Suspenders in up to 23 Colors in Assorted Lengths to fit 1' 9" Toddlers to 7' 4" Adults.
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Suspenders for Teenagers, Women and Children at Wholesale Prices.




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Airport X&Y No Buzz Suspenders - Plastic Grips, Snap Clips, Button On

Airport Side Grip No Buzz Suspenders - Plastic Grips

Armed Forces Suspenders X  - Grips

American Flags Suspenders XY- Grips

Bingo Suspenders X -Grips

Bow Ties

Business Dress X&Y Solid Colors 1 1/4" wide Suspenders - Dress Clips

Buisness Dress X Style Diamonds 1 1/2"Suspenders - Dress Clips

Buisness Dress Y Style Diamonds 1 1/2"Suspenders - Dress Clips


Business Dress X Style Diamonds 1 1/2"Suspenders - Button-On

Business Dress Y Style Diamonds 1 1/2"Suspenders - Button-On


Business Dress X Style Hi-Lite  1 1/2"Suspenders - Dress Clips

Business Dress Y Style Hi-Lite  1 1/2"Suspenders - Dress Clips

Business Dress X  Style Hi-Lite  1 1/2"Suspenders - Button-On

Business Dress Y Style Hi-Lite  1 1/2"Suspenders - Button-On


Button-On X&Y Suspenders Solid Colors with Leather ears to Button On

Camoflage Suspenders X Style - Grips

Canadian Flag Suspenders X -Grips

Cards Suspenders Y Style - Clips

Casino X&Y Suspenders - Clips & Grips

Checkers X&Y Suspenders - Dress Clips

Chess Y Suspenders - Dress Clips

Chili Peppers Suspenders X-Grips



Children Teen Ladies X&Y Suspenders -  Clips & Button On 

Christmas Dec 25, 2014 X Style Suspenders Clip & Button-On

Countries, Cities, States X  Suspenders - Grips

Cross Suspenders X -Grips

Dragons Suspenders X -Grips

Electrician's Design Suspenders X-Grips

FarmsTruck X&Y Suspenders - Grips

Fire Rescue Safety X Style Suspend


Fishing Designs X&Y Suspenders - Clips

Flags Suspenders - Clips & Grips


Flames X&Y - Clips & Grips


Formal "Dress" X&Y Suspenders - Dress Grips & Button-On Leather

GOLF - Sports Suspenders - Grips

Invisable Suspenders - Suspend-Ease

Irish Suspenders- Grips

Leather Entirely X&Y with Tension Strap Suspenders Button On


 Mens X&Y Style Suspenders - Clips & Grips 

Mens Work Suspenders - Grips & Button-On Leather

Musican's Suspenders - Clips & Grips

Plaid Suspenders - Clips & Grips

Plumber's Design Suspenders  X-Grips

Saint Patricks Irish Suspenders - Grips

San Francisco Flag Suspenders X-Grips


SIDE-Grip Men's & Ladies Suspenders - Clips & Grips

Skulls Suspenders - Grips

Smiley Faces Suspenders - Grips

Stripes & Patterns X&Y Suspenders - Grips

Stars Suspenders- Grips

Texas Flag Suspenders X-Grips

Tradesmen Designs Suspenders - Grips

Tractors Suspenders X -Grips

Valentines Day Hearts Suspenders - Clips & Grips


Belts with Designs

Handy Straps- Stretchy Suspender Material with Grips on Each End

Stop Furniture from Sliding with Stop-Slides

Original Hand Held Portable Insect Zapper

Best Insect Zapper in the World! Patent received May 22, 2012

Computer Light & Book Light LED super low power consumption.

Pepper Spray for Personal Protection. Sprays 15 to 20 feet.

Multi Use Polycarbonate Tool

Lint Remover or Carpet Sweeper for Car or Seats



Best Insect Zapper in the World. We were Awarded a Patent in May of 2012 for our invention. Click on picture to read more.


21/4" x 2 3/4"x 1/4" thick  


Ends Cut for Sofas with no skirting.

STOP-Slides STOPS Furniture from Sliding and protects all types of floors with NO adhesives. Just the gripping power locks the furniture leg to the pad and the pad locks itself to the floor. NO Marks of any type. When re-arranging Furniture. Just remove pads and then replace them when the furniture is where you want it to stay.  Just lift a corner slightly, place the Stop Slide under the leg and go to the next corner and repeat until all four corner legs have Stop Slide under it.  No Glue or Adhesives of any type is needed.



Store 3


9 A.M. TO 3 P.M. Mon-Fri  Closed Sat and Sunday.

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Go 100 Feet then Turn Right and go to the front Parking Area.

Our Mini Mall has FOUR 20 foot Blue Awnings over the entry doors in front of the Building.

 The 2ND Awning is near the MARS Distributing Inc sign and our new larger location.

Corner of Jericho Drive and Springdale.

Mars Distributing Inc. has been in Business for 31 years Selling High Quality Merchandise at Low Prices to the Public and Wholesale to stores, Fund Raising  Groups and Person to Person Resellers.

Incorporated in Wisconsin May 1981

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Kids & Teen Suspenders For Boys and Girls

Are you interested in buying children’s suspenders? How about suspenders for teens? No matter what, age should definitely come into play when making a final buying decision.Fortunately, we carry a large selection of suspenders for kids and teens. So, while you are buying for yourself you should consider checking out a few options for your child.

suspenders for girlsAs you can imagine, buying kids suspenders is not the same as those for adults. While the premise is similar, there are some particular details that you need to take into consideration.

Here are three things that you should focus on:

1. Size. It goes without saying that suspenders for kids and teens will not be the same size as those for adults. If you don’t buy the right size, the suspenders are never going to fit.

2. Color and style. Let’s face it: children are interested in something that is fun and exciting. From rainbow suspenders to neon suspenders among many other colors and styles, keep an open mind as you are shopping.

Tip: we have the perfect suspenders for both informal and formal events.

3. Quality. This is never something you have to worry about when you buy from us. We only sell the highest quality suspenders, ensuring that your child has exactly what he or she needs to look good and feel comfortable.

Click Here To See Teen and Kids Suspenders 

How much do kids and teen suspenders cost? This depends on what you are looking to buy. With such a large 

girls suspenders

selection, you will be able to find something that matches the style you are looking for as well as the budget you have set.  From small children to teens to adults, more people than ever are beginning to wear suspenders. Some are doing this on a regular basis while others are sticking to formal occasions only. Regardless, this is a trend that is growing once again.


When it comes to young children, you need to make a decision on what they will wear. If you think that suspenders would make the perfect addition to an outfit, you have come to the right place. Our selection is among the best in the industry, regardless of the age or sex of the child.

If you have any questions regarding suspenders for teens and young children, contact us at your earliest convenience.