TIZ-3 Model "The Insect Zapper" OUR Invention Patent # is 8,181,385 shows 8 Features in ONE Racket that allowed it to get a U.S. Government Patent.
Best Portable Insect Zapper in the Stores or the Internet!  Over 30,000 units were sold since we invented it. 3000 Volts of  Instantaneous Power!

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TIZ-3 Model "THE INSECT ZAPPER" tm Kills the smallest to the largest Insects and Bugs.
1 Year Guarantee for our New Tested Units purchased after DEC 1, 2010. Customer pays 7.50 Shipping Charge but NO Return Shipping Charge.
  • The TIZ-3 has 3000 Volts of power that makes the spark jump across the tiniest of insects unlike the Other models of Zappers. Ours kills Flees, Lice, Bed Bugs, Gnats, Fruit Flies, Mosquitoes, Fire Ants, Small up to large Roaches, House Flies, May Flies, Deer Flies, Horse Flies, Yellow Jacket Bees, Carpenter Bees, Hornets, Wasps, Spiders,  Centipedes, Moths etc.                                       
  • On the End of  Racket Head there is a  4" Long Mini-Zapper that Kills all the bugs and insects listed above in Corners, Along Window Frames, Ceiling Corners, Wall Corners, straight up on the ceiling or straight down on the ground or along the Corner between the Floor and the bottom of the Wall or under or between cabinets or appliances. Just Slide the head along the length of the Corner just like you are painting it and you will hear the Zap Sounds as you touch the Insects or Bugs. Press the end of the racket against a small stink beetle and the body explodes with a flash and snap sound. Nothing is left except the two wings which will be laying on the floor and you do not get the stink compared to squishing it. No other racket has this feature!

  • The TIZ-3 has Large Size Head and Long Handle to reach high into the Corner between the wall and the Ceiling to Zap the Spiders and other Insects.  It is 21 1/2 inches long.  8.5"x10" head and weighs less than 1 pound with two D batteries installed. Compare our TIZ-3 Size to the racket you see all over the Internet. The larger head allows you to kill more Mosquitoes at a time and also gives you more area to kill those fast flies.

  •  The LED Light will allow you to see the objects around you in dark conditions. 
  • When it is dark outside: If you turn on the zapper light and lay the insect zapper so that the side of the zapper with the light is next to the counter and aimed at the fruit bowl to block the light. (To stop the room from being lit) Shake the fruit bowl so the fruit flies are flying, now shut off the room light. The fruit flies only see the lit zapper head and fly into it leaving nothing to clean up.






  •  Normally theTIZ-3 is used to hit the Insects but it also can be hung during the day to attact Yellow Jacket Bees, Hornets and Flies when bait is used.  It has a Feeding Tray that slips onto the end of the Racket Head so that food bait  can be put on top on the tray on both sides of the Zapping Head. Try a Strawberry from Jam or bannana for Fruit Flies. A small piece of Sardine for House Flies, Meat or Fish eating Bees like Yellow Jackets, or Hornets will be attracted and the Head Zaps them. If the dead insects fall into the Tray, they are now Bait for their Carnivorous Buddies. If they fall onto the ground they can be safely eaten by Birds because No chemicals are used. This tray is only used when attracting and killing insects or bugs. The tray is not used while hitting insects.
  • If you put sardines in a plate and lay the zapper head over the plate without touching the sardines, the flies will be attracted to the scent of the sardines and will zap themselves as they try to get to the fish.
  • If you use a piece of bannana squished on a plate and cover it with the head of the Zapper, the fruit flies will be attracted and vaporized.

  • TIZ-1 comes with a Hand Rope that you can slip your hand into and it is attached to the end of the Handle to prevent the Zapper from being released. It also is used to hang the Zapper for storage or for hanging outside during the day to kill Hornets, Meat Eating Bees, Fruit and House Flies.
  • Power Button - One Push to Turn ON and One Push to Turn OFF.   On other models you have to hold the Power Button the entire time you are using the Zapper.
  • Safety Power DRAIN DOWN of the Five Capacitors within 10 seconds after the main power button is turned off.
  • This unit has 3000 Volts of power with protective screens on both sides of the center Electrode Screen. This is not like the "Old Style" Zappers that gives you a shock when you touch the surface of the protective screen. 



WARNING: this review is meant to be read by those who have experienced real torture at the hands of fruitflies.
This should not be called a bugzapper. It is the ELECTRIC TENNIS RACKET OF DEATH. How this works on fruitflies, which I thought would be too small to get across the grid, I don't know - this product was created by genius magicians I suppose. It doesn't just kill flies - it DESTROYS them in a fundamentally satisfying way, since fruitlies are too small to have hearts that you can rip out of their chest cavities and show it to them, and too small to leave remains to be buried, so you cannot dance on their graves. This device is the NEXT BEST THING - they just ZAP OUT OF EXISTENCE IN A BLUE FLASH! YES!!!! I ABSOLUTELY do not care how stupid I look waving this thing all over the kitchen at these invisible b*****ds, hoping for that occasional SNAP!!!


If you squish a piece of bannana onto a plate and then lay the Insect Zapper across the plate you will hear the ZAP as the Fruit Flies are drawn to the scent of the bannana.

Also try this method for house flies but use meat or a piece of sardine squished onto the plate.

Jim Mars


This may be the best purchase I have ever made... seriously. I love it when flies come into my house now... game on. This thing is the size of a small tennis racket, and when you swing at the unsuspecting targets, the "pop" lets you know your target is dead, and you are a winner.
This bug zapper is so effective that I have no flies or fruit flies left in our house. I purchased this product predicated on the other reviews listed here. I only write to reinforce the current 5 stars reviews listed. It has become so much fun to zap flies that my kids and I have been walking around the house on "fly patrol" only to find ourselves disappointed that there are none left. I caveat this with the fact that we have consistently been nuanced with flies every summer. This zapper appears to have done the trick all the while finally accepting my morbid sense of therapy...
Hey Jim!  I LOVE your product! We are in the middle of our 7 week Alaska trip, and keep your zapper with us at all times!  The best part is being able to kill the creatures that found our way in our RV at night....
I never like killing things, but zapping these bloodsuckers is strangely satisfying!!!

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