If you want to determine the Suspender Length by measuring the persons body.

Measure from the pants front waistline, then over the shoulder and down to the waistline in the back of the pants.

If your waist is larger than 45" choose next longer size Suspender.


If your height is listed by two lengths: Longer length choice, means the Length Adjuster will be nearer to your chest. The shorter length would be closer to the waistband.


25" Adjustable Suspenders fits a person 1' 8" to 2' 9"  tall.

30" Adjustable Suspender fits a person 2'8” to  3'8"

36" Adjustable Suspender fits a person 3'9” to  5'1"

42" Adjustable Suspender fits a person 5'0” to  5'7"

48" Adjustable Suspender fits a person 5'6” to  6'2"

54" Adjustable Suspender fits a person 6'1” to  6'9"

60" adjustable Suspender fits a person  6'8" to 7'4"

66" Adjustable Suspender fits a person  7'3" to 7'8